TENSHI7 is a newly founded company based in


TENSHI7 is a newly founded company based in Athens, Greece, primarily developing its independent production line while undertaking furniture and lighting design missions for both private and public areas.                       By introducing a fine approach of constant, unprecedented creativity it will certainly dare to apply its own uncompromised design ethics as those derive from the company’s commitment to the noble urban resident.

As exquisitely stated in its master designer’s manifest, each piece reflects TENSHI7′s acute devotion to austere Modernism and refined Industrialism. 

Their possessors wander around living organisms; whether clean lines or unconventional sculptural forms are recruited, space perception is subtly redefined.

Solutions beyond conceptual constraints, aligned with quality, modern materials and unparalleled technical care. Sine qua non factors reinforcing TENSHI7′s utmost ambition: absolute timelessness.

The ‘TS’ is an industrial sculpture, a light installation, and finally, a timepiece, bearing all the merits of a collector’s item.

As an industrial sculpture its austere, refined industrial look and character sits perfectly with minimalist and modern spaces, destined for specific public/private spaces. When we created the 12 tubes that constitute the ‘TS’, our aim was to create a sculpture reminiscent of a ‘lamp’ of the older design schools, even one of the Bauhaus heritage. Its 9 aluminium joints, are semi hand crafted and have passed through 7 stages of processing, with laser carved logo and a serial number, to achieve an ‘old school’ yet ultra modern industrial look . As a light installation, it has an impressive status with the 3 parallel vertical LED light blades, each one 1.4 metres long. Going a step further, one of the innovations of the ‘TS’ is the perfection of pure light depicting time; whilst using the built-in dimmer it can either release a smooth and relaxing light according to a specific desire or, it can blast enough lighting power to illuminate any large space, creating a very dramatic atmosphere. Finally,as a timepiece, the ‘TS’ performs in a unique way: Time is measured by Light and Light conveys Time.

The ‘TS’ simultaneously illuminates a combination of LED tubes depicting the time in a digital format from 1 o’clock to 12 o’clock, twice a day. The light can be adjusted and the time can be set precisely. To depict the ‘minutes’, circular lights in the bottom left tube illuminate, representing 5 minute intervals, acting as a guide but also creating a mind game thereby relinquishing any possibility of perceiving the ‘TS’ as just another gadget.

The ‘TS’ uses high-end, eco-friendly LED technology with low energy consumption, and 90% recyclable material (aluminium, plexiglass, PMMA and LED bars), weighing approximately 9kgr.


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